Horse Woman

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Try doing the Horse Woman to heighten your lustfulness in bed. Have you ever tried doing the kamasutra to explore the different positions for sexual pleasure. The horse woman is a position where the girl positions herself on all four hinds just like a horse as the guy inserts his cock into her from behind. Although they don’t see each other face to face, the look on their faces tells us that the sensation is out of this world. Although we only see what it looks like from the sides, the mirror shows us a great view from the top.

Perfect Alignment

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The Perfect Alignment is one of the most popular sex positions. Women love to be on top. They feel in control and in charge of everything when they stay on top. The guy loves being under her while she does all the work, all he does it take it all in. Her slender body and long hair makes her look like a goddess in bed. Her belt accentuates her tiny waist while she continues to thrust herself into him, he lies with a look of satisfaction in his face.


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The Scissors proves that exotic sex positions make those long nights more exciting. Sometimes unconventional sex positions are the hottest in bed. The exotica scissors position as shown in this scene requires that both will meet in between. No one stays on top or at the bottom; both are at level, lying down while the guy slowly inserts his cock into her and starts to pump it in slowly. It may look a bit complicated since each of them can’t really see face to face. But who needs to see your face when you get the same level of sexual satisfaction?


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The Elephant sex position will definitely sizzle up your long romantic nights. In this scene, the couple is definitely in the middle of some hot sex. This sex position requires the guy to nail her from behind. This puts him in total control and shows her who’s the boss. He kisses her shoulders making her ask for more. All this little lady has to do is to lie down, relax and have great time.


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The Stem helps keep the fire burning on those long nights. Couples usually have the ‘on top’ position when having sex. It’s too easy and requires very little effort. Some of the most uncommon kamasutra positions are the ones that always hit the right spot. This scene shows the perfect exotic stem position, wherein the girl’s legs are held up to the guy’s chest. While kneeling down he bangs her while he holds her legs up. They can go on and on, and by the looks on their faces they are having an extremely good time.


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Heat up those boring sex nights with the courtisan position. These naughty sex positions can sizzle up any night. In this scene, the courtisan position requires the girl to sit on top of the guy as she pounds on him. With the looks of it, this could be her favorite of all positions. Her nipples are erect as she holds on tightly to her equally gorgeous beau. He supports her by holding her back and her waist to help her move up and down on him.


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Watch another hot scene as the couple does a missionary position. This is one of the most common sex positions known. The guy lays on top of her as he pushes his cute little butt and drives his cock into her. They share a long and passionate kiss while having sex. He rests on top of her breast; more body contact makes sex even more thrilling and keeps both of them in the zone. They can just go on and on doing this.


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The Plow is one of the most erotic positions. In this scene, the couple is so intensely in the zone, as they kiss each other while he bangs her. The plow position is similar to the missionary. The only difference is that her legs are interlocked over him, and he lays over her in a kneeling position. Since he is on top, he gets whatever he wants and he gives her just what she needs. This couple is extremely great in bed. The mirror above shows a great top view of this scene.


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An Oral scene is definitely the highlight of this episode. Watch as this hot Indian girl sucks her partners cock. Her firm grip helps her do her blowjob better. Her hair falls beautifully on her face, making her look sexier. The jewelry just adds a little décor to the whole scene, and shows how exotic this babe is. Although we don’t see the guy’s face, it seems that he is having a really great time. This girl is such a pro and looks so sexy doing her thing.


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Get ready for some exotic sex scene with the Crab position. This scene shows us exactly how the crab position in done. She sits right on top of him and rides his cock backwards. He on the other hand, he has to simply lay down, hold her hair so it doesn’t cover his face, and support her as she rides his cock, crab style. The mirror shows us just how sexy this position is, and it’s also quite easy to do. They look like they’re having a really good time, why not try the crab position tonight?